How to view private instagram profiles without following, no surveys!

It does not matter if someone blocked you or you are not allowed to view private profile. Through our tool, we offer you a way to get around this. We create something unique that can help you see private or blocked profiles easily, and most importantly, with anonymity and security, the use is free and takes only a few minutes.

View Private Profiles

View blocked profiles and profiles that keep privacy private. View all profile content.

View Private Photos and Videos

With this tool you can see all the photos and videos that the profile shared in your private instagram profile. Thanks to the Instagram Private Viewer.

See All Activities

Our tool allows you to visualize all activities of the person's profile. This is really helpful to keep the look at your loved ones.


If you are accessing this page with your PC or Notebook, do not worry, because our tool is compatible with the Windows environment and does not require any personal information to unlock someone's private profile.


Other providers may request that you provide some personal information or register on the site. Our process for getting started with the tool is simple, we only need the username of the person you want to view.


Security is our priority. We offer our users complete anonymity. Accessing profiles and downloading data can not be crawled because we have a special feature that allows you to access the proxy profile through the proxy and all connections are encrypted.

How to Use Our Tool

This is the best tool you can find anywhere. The Perfect Private Profile Viewer for Instagram. To use this tool, follow the instructions below. This will make your job easier.


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View Private Instagram
Step 1 - InstaPrivateViewer

Step 1

Access our Search Engine

Step 2 - InstaPrivateViewer

Step 2

Please report at the specified location the code generated by Activator . This process is necessary to prevent robots from using our system

Step 3 - InstaPrivateViewer

Step 3

Our system will validate the code entered

Step 4 - InstaPrivateViewer

Step 4

Enter the user name of the profile you want to view

Step 5 - InstaPrivateViewer

Step 5

Let our tool do all the work

Step 6 - InstaPrivateViewer

Step 6

View the desired profile securely and anonymously via the generated link

What Our Users Say

Before you start using our tool,
you can read what our users have to say
Katie Rivera - Teacher

Katie Rivera


"Today it's hard to connect with your kids because of new technologies and trends, they always seem to be on their smartphones. I used this site to see what my daughter was doing and now I understand her better."

Alexis Simmons - Freelancer

Alexis Simmons


"That's hard to say but thanks to InstaPrivateViewer I confirmed my suspicions that my girlfriend was cheating on me. You saved me from spending time with someone who does not like me. Thanks!"

Martin Patterson- Businessman

Martin Patterson


"I wanted to know for a long time because a flirt kept a private profile that I could not access. And then from here, I discovered that nothing is happening and I just misunderstood. And the best part is that she does not even know it all. Thank you!"


You are always free to contact us and we appreciate all feedback and requests. If you want, we can make different applications according to your needs and, if you have any problem using our tool, you can easily contact us using the contact form.

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